Errol Denton is a Live blood test expert in Harley Street and Dubai who has treated over two thousand satisfied clients in the past decade. Clients fly from al over the world in order to take advantage of this revolutionary live blood technique.

Live blood analysis involves a tiny pin prick on the finger tip to reveal deep insights into cellular health of an individual. Once this has been established Errol Denton designs a bespoke nutrition package to restore the blood to its healthy condition. Along with with round the clock online support live blood analysis is satellite navigation for good health. View some client case studies here

Errol Denton has treated clients with a wide range of health complaints such as: Arthritis, Cancer, Diabetes, Eczema, Gout, High Blood Pressure, Obesity, Psoriasis, and many more. Live blood analysis is the ultimate preventative medicine tool available in the world today and uses food as a medicine.

Natural food is the oldest and best natural medicine for the human body. Processed food is detrimental to the health and longevity of the human organism and live blood testing allows the individual the chance to see for themselves the impact their diet is having on their health.

Errol Denton says that live blood testing is a wake up call for those people who may be sleep walking into disease and a shortened lifespan due to poor nutritional choices. He uses a powerful microscope connected to a camera to enable clients to see their living blood cells on a video screen. This test is far more superior to a conventional blood test because instead of merely counting dead red blood cells it addresses the characteristics and qualities of living blood cells in the human body. There is absolutely no advantage in knowing how many million white blood cells one has if they are already dead. What is paramount is to know whether these cells are functioning perfectly or not. The white blood cells represent the immune system therefore one must view living blood activity to get a full understanding of their cellular health

Looking at living blood under the microscope it like looking at the way the blood flows through the veins and therefore a far more accurate way to prevent health conditions
arising in the first place. It is proactive medicine at its finest instead of reactive medicine which one receives at the doctors surgery based around consuming pharmaceutic drugs. Wild animals do not need to consume pharmaceutical drugs so who do human beings?

The answer is they do not ever have to be sick if they eat properly as wild animals do. It is a simple truth you are what you eat and drink and this appears in the blood

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